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Sesame seed oil body wash

Energizing Sesame Oil Body Wash

Pamper yourself with the vitalizing virtues of the ancient Sesame healing oil and bring immediate relief to tired and stressed body

Discover your Center of Wellness

Used as healing oil for thousands of years and being a primary element in Ayurvedic medicine, Sesame Oil's contribution to the well being of both body and soul is now renowned by modern science. Sesame oil will strengthen and nurture your skin, keeping it rejuvenated and young looking. 

Wholesome Remedy for You

Owing to a unique combination of fatty acids and a rich presence of anti-oxidants, Sesame seed oil is known to have a positive effect on our overall wellbeing.

Sesame Oil Body Wash nourishes and regenerates the skin and helps with controlling skin aging signs. Naturally antiviral and antibacterial, it heals and protects mild scraps, cuts and abrasions and works wonders in safeguarding your skin from Skin Fungi, Psoriasis, and Blemishes.

Daily use of Sesame Seed Oil body wash purifies the body and soul and helps you keep a balanced chakra system. To complete the spiritual experience choose the body & hand cream that suites you the most from Balance Energy product line and use it on a daily basis.
Live life to the fullest.

Sesame seed oil body wash
Sesame seed oil body wash

Body & Hand cream

The unique line of Life energy
stimulates the sense of smell
for balancing the chakras
in our body,
creating perfect harmony

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