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Body & Hand cream - Third Eye Chakra

Body & hand cream - Third Eye Chakra

Open your third eye with the vitalizing aromatherapy body & hand cream. connect to the Third Eye Chakra through the sense of smell

The Third Eye Chakra links you to the "sixth sense" and to your inner strengths. The extraordinary aromatherapeutic composition of this unique body & hand cream balances and awakens the body, while enriching your skin moisture. The cream's rich organic oil extracts balance the Third Eye Chakra and induce confidence and serenity. The unique patchouli scent awakens and focuses the third eye.

Test yourself – is this cream right for you?

Understanding what thoughts or issues may cause a Chakra to be out of balance and doing a self-analysis can help you balance the energy centers that are not fully functional. 

  • Do you often feel loneliness or depression?

  • Do you tend to trust your insights and intuitions?

  • Can you let go your fears and anxieties or do you hang on to negative thoughts?

  • Is it hard for you to take credit for your success; or to feel proud of your actions?

  • Are you fantasizing a lot instead of living in reality?

  • Do you often feel depressed and lonely?

The answers to these questions direct you to the right product for you. An unbalanced Third Eye Chakra leads to fear of success and lack of inner vision. More tips on balancing the Third eye chakra can be found on the Third Eye Chakra page.

Ingredients – a soothing aromatherapeutic symphony:

  • Patchouli essential oil – relieves stress and is a mood enhancer. Its sensual scent is refreshing and relaxing.

  • Myrrh essential oil – Ayurvedic medicine harnessed the powers of myrrh for thousands of years to achieve mind-body balance. 

  • Olibanum essential oil – Olibanum tree extract is sweet scented oil that purifies the atmosphere and opens the Third Eye Chakra.

  • Cedarwood essential oil – the world famous relaxing oil will put an end to stress and wrinkles and keep your skin moist and youthful.
balance your Third Eye chakra
balance your Third Eye chakra

Body & Hand cream

The unique line of Life energy
stimulates the sense of smell
for balancing the chakras
in our body,
creating perfect harmony

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