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Body & Hand cream - Throat Chakra

Body & hand cream - Throat Chakra

Sometimes it's hard to find the right words or even to speak at all. The aroma therapeutic cream can help you energize your Throat Chakra and speak out your inner truth

The Throat Chakra is the communication center through which we voice our ideas, opinions and beliefs. Using the sense of smell, the extraordinary aromatherapy body & hand cream recharges your senses and balances the Throat Chakra.  The cream preserves skin moisture and leaves it flexible and silky.

Test yourself – is this cream right for you?

Understanding what thoughts or issues may cause a Chakra to be out of balance and doing a self-analysis can help you balance the energy centers that are not fully functional.

  • Can you easily express your truths and opinions?

  • Are your organization skills above average?

  • Are you overly preoccupied with possessions and financial security?

  • Are you too shy or over talkative?

  • Can you really and honestly trust others?

If these questions hit the spot, this is the right cream for you which will help you balance the Throat Chakra. An unbalanced Throat Chakra leads to shyness, self erasure and even manipulation. More tips on how to balance this chakra can be found on the Throat Chakra page.

Ingredients – a soothing aromatherapeutic symphony:

  • Geranium essential oil – The beautiful flower oil can lift your spirits and act as an anti-depressant. Geranium oil is also renowned for its skin regenerative properties. 

  • Mint essential oil – pushes stress away, relives headaches and serves a multitude of therapeutic purposes, for your benefit.  

  • Petit grain essential oil – nurtures and balances oily skin and can be of great use during anxiety or panic attacks.  

  • Lemon essential oil – removes toxins, rejuvenates your skin and stabilizes you emotionally. 
balance your Throat chakra
balance your Throat chakra

Body & Hand cream

The unique line of Life energy
stimulates the sense of smell
for balancing the chakras
in our body,
creating perfect harmony

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