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Body & Hand cream - Base Chakra

Body & hand cream - Base Chakra

Feel your physical body and connect to the earth through aromatherapeutic hand & body cream that helps balance the Base Chakra

The Base Chakra is a center of life, security, instincts and urges. This exceptional body & hand cream balances and regenerates the Base Chakra and improves the connection with your existence. A unique aromatherapeutic composition enriches your skin moisture and leaves it soft and supple. The cream's rich organic oil extracts assist the flow of energy to the Base Chakra.

Test yourself – which cream is right for you?

Understanding what thoughts or issues may cause a Chakra to be out of balance and doing a self-analysis can help you balance the energy centers that are not fully functional.

  • Are you in good shape?

  • Can you say you accomplished most of your goals?

  • Is money and having a home your top priority?

  • Are you in touch with your sexual energy?

These questions direct you to the right product that can strengthen the base chakra and repair the imbalance in your body. An unbalanced Base Chakra leads to a feeling of failure and unwillingness to initiate, as well as egotistical and controlling behavior. More tips on how to balance this chakra can be found on the Base Chakra page.

Ingredients – a soothing aromatherapeutic symphony:


    Ylang-Ylang essential oil – sharpens the senses, and can even fight tiredness. It relieves anger, jealousy and frustration.
  • Cinnamon bark essential oil – awakens your senses with its very distinguished aroma, and lightens depression and stress.

  • Rose absolute essential oil – the unique Rose Absolute oil is made from rose petals, and has a sensuous floral aroma. The oil has aphrodisiac alities.

  • Vetiver essential oil – ancient oil known as immensely relaxing, and as an aid for insomniacs.

Body & Hand cream

The unique line of Life energy
stimulates the sense of smell
for balancing the chakras
in our body,
creating perfect harmony

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