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Heart Chakra - Ahahata

Heart Chakra - Ahahata

The Heart Chakra is our love center; it creates vulnerability, anxiety and dependency but also unconditional love and self love. Ahahata involves heart, soul and body. The Heart Chakra is the center of deep connection and compassion for other people, animals and the environment.

Representing color

: Green

Location of the Chakra in the Body

: Middle chest, around the heart.

Main Characteristic Associated with the Chakra

: the willingness to Send out love and compassion to strangers and loved ones and opening the soul to receive gifts of emotion. Giving and receiving is limitless, and the green Chakra connects you to that endless universal energy. The Heart Chakra is responsible for all kinds of relationships.

The Heart Chakra in balance

: Emotional healing is part of a balanced Heart Chakra. By learning to accept yourself, trust and be compassionate, you balance the Heart Chakra. Balanced green energy enables you to wait patiently for the right relationship and not being afraid to be alone.

The Heart Chakra out of balance

: Relationships can be ruined by an imbalance of green energy. Excess emotion might lead you to use manipulations or act overdramatically and your body will break out with allergies or Asthma. Under active Heart chakra makes you feel unloved, inferior, fear rejection or avoid being alone.

Balance your Heart Chakra: Tips for balancing your green energy


  • Go on a nature hike and enjoy the fresh air and green surroundings.

  • Use aromatherapy oil extracts such as Cedarwood, patchouli, eucalyptus and pine to restore green energy.

  • Make a romantic date for tomorrow night.

  • Fill the house with green plants and start gardening.



t: Balance Energy's Body & Hand cream Heart Chakra

The importance of balance

when our emotions are in turmoil
our health is compromised.
Work to balance the flow
of energy in all energy
centers and allow yourself
a life filled with joy, satisfaction,
happiness and wealth.

Chakra characteristics

Chakras are influenced by things
like colors, gem stones and
aromas and impact important
elements such as our courage,
strength, our ability to heal,
self esteem, expresivity, creativity
and even the will to live

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